Dot Origin partners with BrightSign to enable variable beacon and NFC support

BrightSign and Dot Origin have partnered to launch the DTAG100-PRO digital signage integration, which is now available for the full range of BrightSign media players.

The DTAG100-PRO is an intelligent add-on hardware device that connects to digital signage systems via USB and provides both a programmable Bluetooth beacon and a dynamic NFC tag. These are configured locally by the signage player, and can therefore be changed and updated at any moment, to suit whatever is being displayed on the big screen.

All BrightSign media players now support the DTAG100-PRO via a script plug-in that integrates with BrightAuthor and provides easy mechanisms for controlling and updating the beacon and tag contents from interactive presentations and/or HTML5 content.

Integrators and installers can simply purchase DTAG100-PRO devices, plug them in to an available USB port on the player, and configure their system to suit the particular end customer application and requirements.

BrightSign will be demonstrating this capability to provide real time updating of Bluetooth beacon data according to the on-screen content on its booth at CES 2016.