The DTAG100 can be used for many things, and you can build many different consumer experiences and solutions using both iBeacon region notifications and NFC tap interactions driven by the device.

Unlike many other hardware products in this market, the DTAG100 does not tie you to a specific platform or service offering, so you are free to create, change and manage your own software solutions in just the way you want. The hardware is also specifically designed to be built into digial screen and kiosk enclosures, with multiple options for mounting and antenna connections, as well as having an optional desktop enclosure, making it ideal for many different uses.

Here are some examples of NFC-based applications that have been implemented using our technology:

Launch Engage Transact
launch engage transact

Tap to launch

The DTAG100 can be used to automatically launch a standard web address, or any other available action, when the user taps their phone. Such actions can include launching mobile apps, requesting calls or text messages, opening maps or playing videos. The key feature of the DTAG100 is that the particular action can be easily changed at any time via USB, enabling a truly interactive experience driven by the signage or kiosk system. The DTAG100 is compatible with all digital content platforms, kiosks and tills, and is also fully compatible and supported by popular NFC tag management platforms.

Tap to engage

There are many situations where retailers and advertisers want to engage further with their audience through digital signage, kiosks and point-of-sale terminals. DTAG100 enables powerful new interactive experiences to be created – for example: tap-to-check-in (to store/location), tap-to-connect (to WiFi), tap-to-collect (unique vouchers), tap-to-request (info by email) etc.. Each of these experiences, and many more, can be implemented using the DTAG100’s innovative 2waytap technology, which provides a means of passing personalised data and triggers from in-store systems to mobile apps and back again, using short-range wireless technology.

Tap to transact

The counter-top version of the DTAG100 has been designed specifically to enable seamless, secure and reliable exchanges of data at the point of sale. Implementing new mobile-based methods of payment, loyalty and voucher handling on mobile devices often requires efficient interaction between in-store systems and mobile devices, which can be difficult to achieve due to communication and compatibility issues. The DTAG100 provides an easy way for PoS systems to automatically launch mobile applications on a user’s phone, along with associated transaction data such as amounts and SKUs, and to receive back voucher codes and/or payment confirmation data, all without the need to modify existing payment terminals. Maximum EPoS software compatibility is provided through flexible serial, MSR and barcode reader device emulation.