DTAG100 Demonstration software and guides

Welcome to the DTAG100 demos and developer page. Here we provide full documentation, application links and demonstration media files to enable you to get the most out of your DTAG100 before integrating it into your own product or platform. We suggest you review all of the product documentation and follow the installation and usage instructions in the DTAG100 documentation, in order to both familiarise yourself with the functionality of the DTAG100 and try the example applications that we have developed.

DTAG100 user/developer documentation

DTAG100 User Reference Guide

DTAG100 demo download links

DTAG100 Demo Guide (please read this first)
DTAG100 demo app for Android (direct link to Play store)
DTAG100 demo app for Chrome (direct link to Chrome app store)
DTAG100 sample media files for demo (100Mb zip)

Please contact us for details of how to become a beta tester of our iOS demo app.

Additional developer resources

Example source code for DTAG100 BLE functions on Android and iOS
Standard configuration and driver files shipped with device (V2.2.x)

DTAG100 firmware updates

Latest DTAG100 firmware V2.4.1 (for NFC and/or BLE versions *)
Latest firmware for BLE module V1.0.6 *
* Bluetooth beacon functions are only supported when unit is fitted with DTAG100i BLE module; NFC is supported if fitted with RC-S801 dynamic NFC tag module


In order to update your device in the field, you must already be running V2.x firmware. Simply download the relevant file above and copy it to your DTAG100 device. The firmware will be updated after a reboot, and you can confirm the version that’s running by examining the file ‘boot.txt’ and/or ‘bleinfo.txt’. The update process takes a few seconds during which the LEDs will flash differently or not at all.